Our first grandchild

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Good morning from a wet but sunny Hastings.

Yesterday my husband’s daughter had her first child, his first grandchild.  A daughter named Taliyah Deicide Azazel Nicholls.   So it was straight to the computer and iScrapbooking to make this announcement card before going up to visit them both.  Carol had been in hospital over the weekend with toxemia so it has been a rather nervous weekend all around.  Finally, just as I decided to go for a walk she had Taliyah.  Both are well which is the main thing.

So last night and this morning I have been working on the tutorial that I had posted by Unique So Chic yesterday to get rid of the hospital settings on the photos.  They are not perfect but it is a start.

TaliyahTaliyah 2

The proud nana.  In the second photo I had managed to get Taliyah to sleep.  There is something so primal and comforting holding a newborn baby nestled up into your neck.  It is so long since both my children were born I had forgotten what it felt like.

DSCF4046 DSCF4040


Here is the proud mother and baby.

Cheers and have a nice day.



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