The sweet smell of roses.

Dewdrops on roses  Shades of pink


Good morning from another sunny Hastings day.

Going for a walk is supposed to be exercise for me.  Instead I end up stopping all the time to smell the roses.  Or take photos of them.  Roses are my favourite flower and I have used them a few times on My Word of Inspiration blog.  They have so many different meanings for colour as well as the blooms themselves.  Anyway they are coming out and some of the rose gardens I walk past are just stunning.  I should be going to the park but instead get side tracked.  I love the pink shade of these roses.

Pink rose poking up at the backPink tints


Proud and pinkProud roses in a row


As you can see I stopped at this garden for a while.

Double apricot rosesFull blown

Getting ready to open upPoking out behind the leaves

Some of them are now overblown, I have been taking photos of them just about every day from a bud to this.

gold going into redKissed by the rain


I love the colours in these roses.

Rose enjoying the sunRising above the rest


This garden was amazing with the rose bushes growing really tall.

Reflections of roses


Here is what was hidden behind the fence.  Just stunning.  I love the reflection of the roses in the windows.

Minature yellow roses


Then there are these miniature roses.  The colour is so delicate.  They make quite a show.

The smells are just wonderful, and strong on a good day.  It lifts the spirits to see them.

Cheers and have a nice day.




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