Roses, roses, roses

Enthusiasm makes the work lighter


Good morning from a windy Hastings day.  Well actually at the moment it is calm, but the night was rather wild.

I have had this idea in the back of my head about using the same rose, but at different stages.  This is my attempt at it last night.  I have been taking photos of this rose around the same time each day, but over a week.  It was a beautiful old fashioned rose that was lovely full blown.  I wanted to have the affect of zooming out from the bud to a full blown stage.

Arches of roses

This is the background image.  I edited it with Photoshop filters and changed the opacity .



This is the rose right at the back.  I started off by editing it with different filters, but couldn’t get rid of the background so ended up changing it to a PNG image and using the magic wand tool, got rid of the background but still kept some of the effects of the filters as I wanted it to distance itself from the bud in the front.  I also changed the opacity to around 85%.

Orange rose 3


This is the second rose.  I didn’t edit this or the other ones in front of it as they were still in their prime so to speak.  I did change the opacity to around 90%.

Orange rose 2


The third rose.  The opacity was around 95%.  I didn’t want too much of a difference between the different PNG images.

Orange rose


Finally this is the top rose at full opacity.

It was just a matter of resizing the images to get the affect I wanted.  I am not 100% sure that I achieved what I wanted or what I had in mind.  I will try it again at a later stage but with something different.

Cheers and have a nice day.



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