Interesting nature



Good morning from a grey Hastings morning.


With spring comes some interesting flowers.  I have absolutely no idea what these plants are called but they are really fascinating.



They come in different colours as well.  They look rather alien to me.



These are obviously popular with the bees.



I think this could be a relative of the rhododendrons but I am not sure so don’t quote me.



I think this is maybe a relative of the rose but again, don’t quote me.



I love the colours in this one.



I have taken a few photos of this rather large flower but have absolutely no idea what it is.

When I go out for a walk I am constantly looking around me for new flowers and what catches my eye.  I am constantly amazed at what I have found,  Nature is surely a wonderful thing.

Cheers and have a nice day,


An amazing sunset.



Good evening from Hastings.

Just as I was rereading the blog Photography 101: A Primer on Color Photography, Part II I had reblogged yesterday about the blue light my son yells out that to me that there is an awesome sunset.  He even raced out with his phone to take a photo but his phone didn’t pick up the colours like my camera has.  It was magic but only lasted about  5 minutes or so.  It was a matter of where to look as the whole sky was on fire.



These two photos were taken in the opposite direction to the sun setting and the colours really dwarf our home.


I pointed the camera southwards just to show up the cloud line.



These will make some great backgrounds for Halloween images.  The last photo was also one of the last photos I took so I am not sure what happened with the colour cast.




We also have a full moon