A golden day – Weekly Challenge – The Hue of you – Day 2

DSCF8809 DSCF8792

Good morning.

Today’s colour is yellow.  When I was taking these photos I noticed a lot of the songs I was listening to had the word = sunshine in them.  It was a gorgeous day and it really was as the hymn says “I have sunshine in my soul today”.  I just love these poppies.  They are just such a strong yellow colour and really stand out from the background.  As you can see these were taken in the shade.


And these were taken in the sun.  I tried to get the texture of the petals in the sun, using the sun to create the shadows and contrasts.


This is my favourite as I love the lines of the petals.



Of course there are the ranunculus as well.  – I checked for the spelling on that one.  Anyway their yellow is a richer, deeper colour – the petals are not as delicate as the poppies but they are rich and vibrant – a real gold colour.



This peony is hidden away among the leaves and is a softer hue than the flowers above.



I found these yellow daisies or margaritas making a show on the way home.  I like the strong contrasts of the green and yellows.



These roses have more of a orange hue to them, than yellow.

Another colour tomorrow.

Cheers from Raewyn



Red sky in the morning



Good morning from a warm Hastings.  A bit early for me this morning but I was awake but still lying in bed when I noticed the red light coming from the window so I leapt up out of bed and grabbed the camera and took these shots of a deep red sunrise.  These were taken looking south.  There was nothing in the east where the sun was rising.  It was just awesome.



Last weeks blogpost challenge was the magic hour of light.   Well I took these photos of the astroemerias which I have taken before in strong sunlight and there is a definite rosy tint to the white of the fence.



They look softer as well.

Cheers from Raewyn