Mandarin Orange Monday 66

Good morning from another sunny Hastings morning.

This is the first time I have entered this challenge – Mandarin Orange Monday.  Technically speaking it is Tuesday here, but it is still Monday in the United States so I will still be in time. I love the work of LorikArt and thought about what I could do this morning.

I started off with three images.




I then turned to FX Photostudio Pro to turn them orange with the Groovy Lo- Fi filters and a couple of others.  I just go with the flow with them anyway so really couldn’t say what I used.  The end result was these three photos.

orange background

Orange buttons

Orange rope

Then it was over to Photoshop to turn the buttons and the rope into PNG images and then pasted them onto the background.  I just went for something totally abstract that has absolutely no rhyme or reason.  Just the idea of improving my editing skills.

orange rope with buttons

orange rope with buttons mandarin

Finally I adjusted the colour to make it more of a mandarin colour.


Final watermark for blog