Learning about watermarking

Final watermark for blog

Good morning from a  grey Hastings morning.

You might have noticed that I have changed my blog.  For some reason my blog lost it’s background etc so I decided to change it.  I have also added a new PNG image at the bottom of each blog – The cheers and have a nice day.  I have been playing around with Photoshop to try and get my own watermark as all photos are my images and I don’t want others to use them without prior permission.  I googled how to do word art and then had a go.


For this water mark I used three different layers for each letter and then resized them before placing them together.  I have been trying to remember what the font was but can’t find it again.  I also used some affects to make the three dimensional look.  Now I make sure all my images have a water mark.

Next, as I love roses I searched through some PNG images I had for this one.


I then altered the opacity of it to fade into the background.

I added the writing _ Cheers and have a nice day – also using the same affects as the water mark. on a separate layer before adding to this rose.  The font of that is Zapfino.

For the butterfly I found this photo –


and cut a butterfly shape using the cookie cutter.  I then added the water mark on top of it.

and voila –

Final watermark for blog