Mandarin Orange Monday 67

Good morning from a grey Hastings day.

Here is my contribution to this weeks     Mandarin Orange Monday 67      by LorikArt.


I changed this image to black and white using aperture.

DSCF3501 1

Then added some colour using FX Photostudio Pro.

Mandarin orange lights

Then I altered the colours using Photoshop Elements 11 using the gradient map.  I then tweaked the highlights and shadows to show up the detailing more.

DSCF4028 2

Another image of Hastings architecture from the 1920’s.  As with the lights I changed it to black and white using Aperture.

DSCF4028 3

Then it was over to FX Photostudio Pro to polarise the image and add the frame.

Sepia house

Over to Photoshop Elements 11 to sepia tone it to give a more aged look.

House outline

I also used the old photo filter to just give the outline of the buildings.

Mandarin orange house

Then I just used the gradient map again for the orange look.  Again I tweaked with the highlights and shadows to strengthen the lines.


Final watermark for blog