Mandarin Orange Monday 69



Good morning from a  wet and grey Hastings day.

Even though it is Tuesday for me it is still Monday for those in the United States so I can still participate in this challenge.  Well I did all the editing on a Monday anyway. I loved the groovy psychedelic feel to LorikArt‘s post this week.

I love the way editing can completely transform images from something that is interesting into something completely different.  It is also such a fun process.


This was my first image.

MOM Flower

Over to FX Photostudio Pro to solarise it.

MOM Flower 1

Then to All Vintage Studio for some grainy effects.

MOM Flower 2

Then it was to Photoshop Elements 11 for some colour enhancements using both a gradient map and also the colour enhancer.  I still like each stage in their own rights.  Especially the image from FX  Photostudio Pro.


I chose this image for the single leaf that pops out of the image.

Leaves MOM

I used the Yellow Stroke filter in FX Photostudio Pro to make this leaf stand out.

Leaves MOM 1

Then with All Vintage Studio I tried to make some of the background block out.

Leaves MOM 2

Then it was to Photoshop Elements 11 for a gradient map filter for the orange.

Final watermark for blog

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