Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Monarch Butterfly 6

Good morning from a hot muggy Hastings.  I do feel for those in the UK and Europe who are being battered by this massive storm. I remember being in London for the massive storm of 1987  but I am embarrassed to say that I managed to sleep through it all.  From the sounds and looks of it not many will be sleeping well for the next few days so I am thinking and praying for all you  people.

Anyway this weeks challenge by The Daily Post is ‘Grand’.  Having just got back on the computer since I spent a couple of days looking after my parents it was hard remembering any good photos for this.  By the way thanks for the warm wishes Amanda at www.UniqueSoChic.com.  Then I saw these photos of the majestic Monarch Butterflies so I thought that these fitted the bill.

Monarch Butterfly 1Monarch Butterfly 4Monarch Butterfly 7Monarch Butterfly 3

As usual they have been edited with FX Photostudio Pro using the vignette filter  which I love for the fact that it darkens the background and focuses on the main subject.

Final watermark for blog

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand”

  1. Butterflies are indeed grand Raewyn. I believe they teach us that nothing dies, but instead are transformed.
    Hope everything is ok with you, and just to let you know its ok here (Derbyshire UK) We only had 1 day of hurricane style wind. We lost our shed roof so quite lucky compared to a lot of other people. Thanks for caring hun. 🙂 x


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