Mandarin Orange Monday 71


Good morning from another hot and sunny Hastings.  We have been sweltering with temperatures reaching 28 Degrees here, somewhat different to the northern hemisphere to say the least.

I hope everyone is keeping warm and safe in the north.

Anyway, yet another Monday has rolled around and it is time to go orange.  I love this challenge as it gives me a chance to go mad on Photoshop and FX Photostudio Pro.  Today, though I have just played with Photoshop’s filters.  I also learnt about the gradient tool on the right where I can determine the angle of the gradient as well.

First up is a photo which I have used for it’s simplicity.


I wanted some of the wood grain to come out so with the help of a couple of filters – sorry I can’t t=remember which ones I go to this stage.


I darkened the wood somewhat.


Played around with the colours.


Before adding the gradient map and had it on an angle.


For my second photo I wanted to again have something that stood out from the background.


I posterised it.


Then played around with filters to get to this.


Then I added the gradient map, determining myself the angle of the gradient.


I thought it was a bit pale so then I went to the colour enhancing tool and increased the saturation and darkened the shadows and lightened the highlights for more contrast.


And here is the final result.  A lot different to the original.

Anyway check out the lovely work done by LorikArt this week.

Final watermark for blog

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