Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Good morning from a very bright and sunny Hastings.

This weeks challenge by is Cee’s Photography is alone.  I found some of these photos from Cornwall Park of ducks, sparrows and a fantail in the distance. They have been edited in the FX Photostudio Pro.  I used most the vintage filters to give a sense of separation from reality around them.  A sense of isolation.






This made me think of all those people that will be alone this Christmas.  At least these birds and ducks are surrounded by others.  Even though we may be surrounded by others there will be those who are left out.  This is a good time to look around us and reach out to someone and give them a little cheer.

My husband and I look around us each Christmas and find someone worthy to give a small Christmas hamper to.  We try and sneak up to their home to deliver the box so that it is a nice surprise.  But generally we get caught out.  We give a chicken, sausages, biscuits and chips and other small items.  It doesn’t cost us much and it really does make a difference to those we have given to.

That is what Christmas is about.

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