The Daily Post Prompt: Invention – Natures Inventions

Natures inventions

Good morning from another hot sunny Hastings.  It is rather muggy and stifling in the afternoon so that the best time for walking and taking photos are early in the morning.  By 10 AM it is just too hot.

Yesterday I went out for a walk for the first time in a couple of months.  Yes it was too hot in the end and the light was too harsh as well.  But I noticed these unusual flowers.  When I looked at this mornings The Daily Post prompt of necessity is the mother of invention I thought of how inventive nature is.  A bit of a pinch I know.  But every time I go for a walk I just have to admire just how wonderful nature really is.  Actually the walk is supposed to be exercise but I am always stopping to take photos so it isn’t very aerobic at all.  More like a stroll.

Here are some more.

Natures invention 6Natures invention 3

natures invention 5Natures invention 4

natures invention 1

Natures invention 2

Final watermark for blog

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