Mandarin Orange Monday: 72


Good morning from another sunny Hastings.  I have just read the long range forecast for Hastings for Christmas.  Not really good I’m afraid.  Never mind.  I have already been for a walk to get the light and the dew this morning.  Make the most of the good weather I say.

Anyway it is Monday again.  That means Mandarin Orange Monday.  I loved LorikArt‘s  post last night where she joined up with her sister with a strict brief -one photo each and 3 edits with Photoshop.  I have gone for one photo, but with two end images.  Some of the edits were with FX Photostudio Pro before I headed back to Photoshop to use the gradient map for the orange and to adjust the shadows and highlights.


While I was out walking yesterday I came across these stickers in some windows.  I thought was a great one for the challenge.  What I was also interested in was the reflections as well as the stickers.

Cropped version

Firstly I cropped it just to frame the windows.

Noir Effect

For the first image I used the noir filter to give a glow affect.  It still kept some of the reflections, but not much.

Final cropped noir

Then I used the gradient map for the orange hue.  I used a different simple gradient but I just couldn’t get the orange a real orange.  With this one, the reflections got lost with the filter but really made the stickers the focus of the image.

So next I used the napa filter.

Napa Effect

For the second end image I used the napa filter.  The reflections really popped out with this one.

Final Image

I used another gradient for this one and it is a real orange.  The reflections also show up really well with this image.  Still I like both of them.

Thank you for visiting.

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