Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Pets

Black and white cat

Good morning from a cooler but very bright sunny Hastings.  It was the perfect morning to go for a walk.  The light was amazing.

While I was on my walk I was thinking about what to do for my blog this morning.  I couldn’t think of anything new to show but when I got home I found this black and white challenge by Cee’s Photography for pets.  Ah, I had lots of cat photos, not mine of course.  Actually I had an elderly lady yell at me this morning for taking a photo of her cat. Ooops!

Anyway it is nice to do some more black and white for a change.  I edited these with Colour Strokes for the black and white.  I fiddled around with the vignettes just to soften the hardness of the black and white.

Black and white cat 4Black and white cat 3

When I did a normal grey scale black and white the images looked a bit washed out and little contrast.  So I changed the contrast to the dreamy affect which gave a bit more definition to the cats.

Black and white cat 2

Black and white cat 1

The cats stand out a bit more than with the grey scale.

Black and white cat 4Black and white cat 3

Black and white cat 5

Black and white cat 6

With this image I found a halo around this cat.

Thank you for visiting.


Final watermark for blog