The Daily Post Weekly Challenge: Joy


Good morning from a  grey overcast Hastings.

This weeks The Daily Post‘s challenge is Joy.  I get a lot of joy – enjoyment out of going for a walk and just seeing what is beautiful around us.  Yesterday when I went for my walk the sun was shining and people were generally in a good mood.  It is not just seeing but also smelling.  Some of the roses I went past smelt heavenly.

Another joy I get is when I get home and see what I have taken and then see what I can do with the editing.  A lot of the photos I am showing today only need minimal editing – just the vignettes as seen in the above photos.



DSCF6950 1DSCF6890 1


Then nothing compares to snapping that moment that is just fleeting.


Pure joy!

Thanks for visiting and take care.

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