Sunday Stills: White


A good evening from a warm, muggy Hastings.

I was just playing around with my photos when I saw the email from Sunday Stills come in with his challenge –     Sunday Stills, the next challenge: White!      .

So of course I searched out for some of my white flowers.  Since we don’t have snow where we are the next best thing I can do are these images.

White flowers are actually quite hard to get the textures etc when there is a strong sun.   Just like red, it gets bleached out.


Of course I have my favourite roses.


Then there are other white flowers around.  I am not sure what they are.



These have been edited with FX Photostudio Pro, but only minimally with vignettes and frames.

Thanks for visiting and take care.

Final watermark for blog

13 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: White”

  1. I looked at them up close and they are all really beautiful. The white raggedness (tried to find another word…lol ) around them really sets the blooms off.

    I had forgotten where Hastings was so reread your ABOUT. Isn’t Google wonderful? I now know why you are muggy and your flowers are blooming at this time of year.


    1. Yes I live in New Zealand. That is why we are in the middle of summer. We are the first to see the day too.
      The white raggedness around the image is a grunge frame from FX Photostudio Pro. I love this affect and use it a lot.
      Thanks for visiting. 😀


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