Look Up, Look Down: Week 20: Glass


Good morning from a grey muggy Hastings.  I don’t want to complain about our weather when I saw on the news last night of the storm Hercules hitting America, the temperatures hitting over 34 in Brisbane, Australia and the storms battering England.  I hope everyone is okay and safe.

Sooo yet another challenge.  OK. I do a lot of challenges but I do take a lot of photos.  Though not as many as before.  That is thanks to the challenges.  Question: Why do you take photos?  Another question: What do you do with them? Last question: What do you want to do with them?  So to answer my own questions.

1.I love the idea of capturing a moment in time.  When I am out anywhere I am so aware of my surroundings and subconsciously framing pictures even when I don’t have my camera.  Embarrassing for my children and husband when I do have the camera with me.

2. Until I had this blog they just clogged up my computer.

3. I did think about joining a physical camera club but didn’t like the idea of my photos being minutely scrutinised.  Also here in Hawke’s Bay they are purists and do not appreciate photo editing which I love.  It is the creative side that I really love and that is why I do these challenges.  They push my boundaries.

 I love looking at other artists’ works.  I do not care how they got to the final image ( apart from learning the techniques myself). Life is too short to worry about  all the small detail.  It is about enjoying and appreciating everyone else’s work for what it is – a work of art. That is the fun of the challenges.  Just to see other peoples works too and their interpretations.

I would love to hear your views on what you do with your photos.

Anyway this challenge is the Look Up, Look Down Challenge.  You can join in the challenge here,  This challenge is appropriate to what I do when out on my walks.  Looking up or Looking down, just eyeing up interesting shots.

Looking up is an old fashioned street lamp outside a school nearby.

Looking down is a shard of glass that I found on the ground.


They have been edited with FX Photostudio Pro.

Here is another great interpretation – http://sonelcorner.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/look-up-look-down-challenge-week-20/

Thank you for visiting.

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7 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down: Week 20: Glass”

  1. It really is about doing something that makes you happy. I don’t take too many photos but do spend a lot of time fiddling with them….cropping, framing, combining. And like you I have a bunch scattered here in there. Everybody files differently and what works for you is best.
    Although we do the editing etc for own enjoyment, it is nice to think that someone else might like and appreciate what we did. lol It isn’t always easy. I can spend hours on a tutorial before I get the “aha” and finally figure out what I am supposed to be doing.
    Your glass entries are very nice. 🙂


  2. Both beautiful shots! some good questions there. Like you I like capturing the moment – the atmosphere, the memory. And creating a little piece of art (if it works). I have to say it makes me look at things more closely: I am always looking around, up and down. I’m sure I appreciate my surroundings more now that I take more photos. I am joining a course in a couple of weeks – just for a couple of months, so that I can learn to take my camera off auto! And I’m off on a photography holiday later in the year. Thanks for joining the challenge – hope to see more art from you next week 🙂


  3. I agree with your comments about taking photos. I love taking them and I think I am, like many others, my worst critic. My editing is mainly cropping and sharpening. I am learning to use Picasa, because its free! I was shown Lightroom while in Africa, but find most of the neat things I liked about Lightroom can be achieved with Picasa.


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