Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge: Trees


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.

Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge: Trees

This week I have gone for photos of the oldest poplar tree in New Zealand.  I have always been fascinated by this tree.  The fact that it is hollow but still standing and still leafy.  It is fenced off now but I can imagine children would love to play hide and seek around it.

DSCF7483DSCF7483 1




First I went to GIMP where I used the canvas filter and cartoon filter.  Then it was over to FX Photostudio Pro for the ancient canvas filter.  Since the tree was old I felt that it needed to have an antique feel to the photos.

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9 thoughts on “Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge: Trees”

  1. Wow! Now that is one stunning tree Raewyn and you are right, this tree needed that ancient canvas filter. Great shots and edits! Thanks so much for taking part and for sharing hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*


  2. Wow! What a fantastic tree! I like all the edits you did. I agree a vintage feel really works for this capture. Thanks so much for including my post – I really appreciate it. 😀


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