Mandarin Orange Monday/77



Good morning from an overcast Hastings morning.

Today is Monday so time for LorikArt‘s challenge. I loved her post this week which you can find here:

I also was totally impressed by lady sighs post for

So I thought I would have a go with these two photos.  I can’t show you what I did as my blog crashed when I uploaded the photos for some strange reason.  I can tell you that I used Photoshop for editing the photos into the orange colour.  I used a couple of the filters – poster edges and fresco.  Then it was over to GIMP for a tweak with the cartoon filter before I used the paper curl filter to do the final image.  It took me a bit to work out that I could actually load two images together to get the layers.  But here is the final result.  At least that wasn’t corrupt.

DSCF7888 poster edges + film grain + gradient map.jpg = GIMP.jpg final image

I hope lady sighs doesn’t mind, but I was totally wowed by her post.  For me it was more of learning about different editing programmes and to stretch my mind.

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Ese’s Shoot & Quote Challenge: Buzz


Good afternoon from a hot hastings afternoon.

This weeks challenge by Ese’ s Voice is buzz.  after I looked up some quotes I found this one.

A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that they can’t buzz slower.

Kin Hubbard (1868 – 1930)

When I had found the photos I wanted and then went online to do this blog I discovered that Ese had used the same quote.  But she had a more interesting interpretation of her bees.  A pot decorated in bees.  Here is the post:

Never mind.  Here are some more photos of bees.



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