Sunday Stills. The Letter F – Fog in Frimley


Good evening from a wet evening here in Hastings.  It has been an eventful day.  I nearly had a car accident but luckily didn’t.  Then at 4 PM we had a rather large earthquake of 6.2 and now we are getting the tail end of Tropical Cyclone June with heavy rain and winds forecast, I don’t mind the rain and we need it but I hate the wind.  As for the earthquake I managed to get the phone out to film it but it was rather tame compared to the other videos uploaded.  We have a few more cracks in the wall but as this house went through the big one in 1931 I am not too worried.  One thing we did knock down the chimney three years ago which was just as well as that was rather dodgy.

Anyway enough of the doom and gloom.  The challenge by Sunday Stills is F.  So my children and I were having fun thinking about what photos I could use for this challenge without using flowers.  I came up with ferns or fog.  I found the fog photos first so that is what I am showing today.  These were taken on 21st July last year.  I try to head out early with the fog to see what I could see and shoot.  The photo above was one of the first I took that day. So here are the others.


I should say that they are all taken in the Frimley area and Frimley Park.






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