Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found in nature.


Good morning from a sunny Hastings morning.  A relief for us that the wind and rain have gone but it has been harder for others north and south of us here.  So keep safe, warm, dry or cool where ever everyone is.

So this is Cee’s Photography‘s fun foot challenge.  Found in nature.  That is what my photography is about.  The beauty around us.  I am a bit reticent about taking photos of people and generally ask about using their images online.  Some people object but nature never does.

I tried to get different photos for this challenge, not jus the usual butterflies, but interesting items found in nature.


I have no idea what plant this.


Nor this.


This was in my mothers little garden.


I love the lines on this tree.


This I do know – a lily.


A dandelion.


I love cobwebs and faeries.  My family thought I was nuts taking this photo.

Here are a couple of great blogs to check out as well.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found In Nature


http://esengasvoice.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/cees-fun-foto-challenge-found-in-nature/Thanks for visiting.


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11 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found in nature.”

  1. Stunning shots Raewyn! You have such a unique way of seeing things around you hon and I love seeing what you see. Those plants are gorgeous and the last shot is awesome! Why did your family think you’re nuts? I love cobwebs too and agree with you that nature doesn’t complain when we take photo’s of it and there are no hidden agendas. I prefer taking shots of nature and animals rather than people as well. 🙂


    1. I loved what you said on Leanne Cole’s post. I have left a comment too.
      I drive my family nuts by having to have a camera available at all time.
      My next post for the iPhone is a case in point. I was at the bank and saw a butterfly. Needless to say out came the phone while my son just shrunk his 6″ frame down in the car as not to be seen. There is beauty all around us in nature. 😀


      1. Whahahaha! At least we are nuts in a good way and not going around killing people or animals. LOL!
        Around here people are surprised when they see me without my camera. Some even gave me the nickname “Tripod”. hahahah.

        There sure is hon and it’s great to show to everyone. 😀 *hugs*


  2. Hi Raewyn, All of yours are taken from such a different perspective. The yellow flower that you don’t know what it is (I thought you’d taken a beautiful caterpillar at first) I think is a grevillea. If not a grevillea possibly a bottle brush (callistemon ?). I love your Mum’s flower and the angle you took the lilly from, and the cobweb. Okay just take it I like them all – great shots.


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