A Word in your Ear: Context – The A & P Show, Hastings 2013


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.  I hope everyone is keeping warm or cool wherever they may be with this crazy weather we are having at the moment.

This week’s challenge byA Word in Your Ear is context.  Normally I don’t show photos of people but decided that this was appropriate for this challenge.  These photos were taken last October at our annual local produce show which we call the A & P show – Agricultural and Pastoral/Produce show.  This is a typical quintessential New Zealand image above.  Hunky young men in black singlets and gumboots or big boots building fences in a competition.


Then walking around we come across some alpacas –


Finally I found this man and his son very intent on videoing the actions of this machine cutting up large logs of wood for firewood.


They stood there for quite some time, totally engrossed in the machine.

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Sonel’s Corner Photo Editing Challenge. : Feathers

DSCF9972DSCF9972 1

Good evening from a cooler Hastings.

This weeks challenge by Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge is feathers.  I knew this was coming up but didn’t really have any feather photos as such.  Only loads of photos of ducks and birds.  But I wanted something different.  The other day I opened up the egg carton to get some eggs out for dinner and guess what I found.  That’s right. A beautiful feather.  So dinner was delayed just so that I could take some photos.  I don’t normally do still life but it was fun to see how many different ways I could take photos of a single hens feather.

So here they are:






They have all been edited with GIMP for a cartoon affect just to bring out the details and textures a bit more before I headed to FX Photostudio Pro for the final editing and then Photoshop to add the copyright.  I just tried out different affects for the different looks.

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Sonel’s Photo-Editing Challenge: Feathers



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