Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 23


Good morning from a warm, sunny Hastings.  It has been a week of extremes around the world.  I saw that the Thames river has burst it’s banks.  I do feel for those affected.  Then there are the massive snow storms in America.  On the other side is the extreme heat and bush fires in Australia.  While here we are having a lot of ups and downs.  Mother Nature is really in charge.

Anyway here is my entry for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge at Hope* the happy hugger.  This is a labrador I met on my travels one morning.  I love the way it looks so sad to be chained up behind a fence.


It just sat there watching the world go by.

To find out more about the challenge check out Michelle’s blog


And Steve’s adorable cat Max

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16 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 23”

  1. I really feel for the dog which you said looked all sad chained up. Not sure how you can like it. This may be contentious but in my world animals are people too, and I feel for them far more than anyone living near the river thames. Sorry hun its how i feel.


    1. I know. I feel the same way too. It is normal here to chain dogs up. That is why I took this photo. I think it’s eyes tell you everything. That is why I didn’t comment on it. I wanted the photo to say everything.


      1. I understand you wanted to portray the dogs feeling, I must say if i had to see this on a daily basis it would absolutely do my head in. My dogs mean as much to me as my kids do. It’s contentious, my family don’t particularly agree with me, I often get into heated debates about it, its just how i am…more an animal person than a people person, they’re just so innocent! Sorry if i offended you i didn’t mean to, just passionate about the subject i guess…


      2. That’s ok. I hate the practice too. It is barbaric and cruel. I wanted to show the affect on the dog – the sad eyes and the fence to show the dog as a prisoner. Where I live dogs are chained up and used as guard dogs. No interaction or any form of companionship at all. I treat any dog or cat as I would my children. With love and respect. When I go out walking I seem to attract cats who come up to me to say hello. I just hate seeing this inhumane practice. I don’t even like zoos.


  2. This is very sad news Raewyn. I feel for you seeing this every day, and also for the poor dogs who are often more humane than alot of so called humans. Dogs need love and affection just as much as people, I sincerely hope significant change is on the way in NZ.


  3. You really portrayed this beautiful but sad dog well Raewyn and I agree with Amanda. Believe me, if I was there, there would have been hell to pay. Luckily the law here doesn’t allow people to chain dogs and when I do see one, all hell breaks loose. And then people wonder why Mother Nature is so angry? Look at how ‘humans’ are treating her. We are all children of nature and that includes animals. Thanks for sharing. 😀


      1. I agree, they should make it law there too. I wonder how they will feel being chained up and left like that the whole day?

        Sorry to hear that Raewyn. It’s sad that people like that then call themselves humans.


  4. well, fences are so ya don’t have to use leads or chains, so double duty huh…showed my dogs the pic there but well, they didn’t have a lot to say, so dats my comment to ya 🙂 have a great week,,,snow melting an on warming trend here dis week in sunny snowy colorado Take care 🙂 Q i like ur First shot there is very good photography wise also..^^^


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