Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


Good morning from a sunny Hastings.  I know that many areas around the world are under a lot of water or snow so I hope you are all keeping safe and dry and warm.

This week’s challenge by The Daily Post is treasure .  An interesting challenge.  I have loved looking at what everyone has posted so far.  When I thought about it what I treasure the most is the majesty of nature at it’s most beautiful.  Sunrises and sunsets.  These were taken two days ago.  All I have to do is just walk out the door and I have the most glorious show of colour.  We do have a lot of great sunrises and sunsets.  I sit in the lounge and just watch the sun setting before going outside.  I must have thousands of photos of sunsets.  Usually I am on my own and it is such a peaceful and serene feeling to watch the sun set on another day and tomorrow we can start afresh.  I do get the odd passerby commenting on the sunset and smiling at me with the camera.

So sit back and enjoy my photos.





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure


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