IPhonegraphy Challenge: Black and White


Good morning from a hot Hastings.  I hope everyone is keeping warm and dry in the Northern Hemisphere.  This weather is certainly going crazy and keeping us on our toes.

Here is my post for this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally.

We are now full swing into our Art Deco week.  Yesterday I donned my dress and hat and walked around town.  It was amazing all the comments I got.  For a start my dress was pink with beaded lace. ( Most New Zealand women wear black with black.)    I had cut some spare lace up and glued it on my  cloche hat with a flower to finish it off.  The only thing missing was my gloves.  And I felt naked without them.  I had a few errands to do before I went to my husbands work and took some photos there.  The children loved the dressing up with feathers and beads.  The boys were so cute with their hats and braces.  They really looked the part.  Then I had to dash into the CBD and hand the photos over to a reporter before going back to give a copy to my husband.  A busy morning.

Onto this challenge.  On Saturday I was driving with my husband when we came across this car parked in a big car park.  I edited this and the others using Snapseed.

These other photos are of different buildings around the CBD,  I wanted to show some of the features of Art Deco.  Art Deco meant that buildings had to be decorative, not just functional.  So there were small details everywhere on the facade.





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Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

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