Sonel’s Photo Editing Challenge: Song Titles


Leaving on a jet plane by John Denver.

Good morning from another hot sunny Hastings day.  I hope everyone is keeping warm and dry up north.  Hopefully the weather will remember soon that spring should be coming and start to dry out and warm up.

This week’s challenge by Sonel’s Corner Photo-Editing Challenge is song titles.  I did look up some songs from the 1930’s to go with my Art Deco theme this week but couldn’t really find any titles that suited my photos.  So I have to make do with some more information about Napier instead.

Yesterday I had to go to the airport with my parents as my father was flying down to Wellington for some medical treatment.  While I was there I thought of this song title.  Especially when I saw this small twin engine plane being towed by a small tractor.  Note there is a man sitting on the steps.

Anyway this land that the airport sits on was actually part of the sea up until the 1931 earthquake.  The earthquake then lifted all this up and created this estuary which we passed on the way. (I was dying to take photos but we were driving too fast).   It is now completely solid ground where this airport is situated.

Enough of the information, here are some other photos I took yesterday to go with the song title.






The last photo shows Bertie.  He is the face of Art Deco and he drives around in his vintage car and is always interviewed when it comes up on TV. A nice way to greet visitors to the Bay during this Art Deco festival.

For the editing I went to GIMP for the cartoon filter and then to FX Photostudio Pro for vignettes and vintage filters to fit my retro theme this week.

Thanks for visiting and here are some other great posts for this challenge.


Final watermark for blog

11 thoughts on “Sonel’s Photo Editing Challenge: Song Titles”

  1. I just love that song of John Denver! Great photo’s and entry Raewyn! The edits are just fabulous. Bertie looks like an adorable chap. What a lovely smile he has. 😀
    Thanks for taking part and for sharing hon. Much appreciated. 🙂 *hugs*


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