A photo a Week Challenge: From Colour to Black and White


I love post processing so was happy to see Nancy’s challenge this week at nancy merrill photography.  Then I saw Cee’s photo at Cee’s Photography and thought wow.  We take colour in our world for granted but sometimes it lacks a little drama.  That I saw with Cee’s photo where the colours detracted somewhat from the image.  But when she changed it from colour to Black and White it was so much more dramatic and interesting.  It was a great photo to start with but I was just blown away by the transformation.

I have chosen this rose for the light affect through the petals.

DSCF8829 1

I edited with ColorStrokes and used the dreamy filter to give it a more surreal look.  Then I added a vignette to just bring out the rose and added the border.

Being me I couldn’t stop at just one photo so here are a couple of others I did as well.

DSCF8797DSCF8797 1

DSCF8947DSCF8947 1

Thanks for visiting and here are Cee’s and Nancy’s blogs to check out.

A Photo a Week Challenge: From Color to B&W


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