Art Deco Fashions in Napier.


Good morning from a cooler Hastings.  I hope everyone is safe, warm, dry, cool and happy wherever you are.

Today I wanted to show some photos of what people were wearing for the Art Deco festival.  It was so much fun and a real fashion show.  I tried to go up to people to compliment them on their dresses.  It was just a feast for my eyes at least.


The first photo is of a statue right in the centre of Emmerson Street, the main street of Napier.  This second photo was of a model seated outside a shop.  She was very popular with photographers.


These two girls were being stopped all the time for photos.  I could see that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.


I approached this beautiful lady for her permission to photograph her and she insisted on posing for me.




Umbrellas were the accessory of the day – I could have used one but then I would have trouble holding a camera etc.


Even the men really got into the swing of it all.


Two forms of transport around Napier


Thanks for visiting.

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