A Photo A Week, Look Up, Look Down






Good morning from Hastings.

I am killing two birds with one stone today.  Two challenges. Well actually 3.  Nancy has challenged us to take photos of backlit subjects.  I do this a lot a I love the way the colours stand out.  The second challenge is for Debbie’s Look Up, Look Down.

These photos were taken looking up with the sun just coming up.  They caught my eye as the colours really stood out.

The third challenge is a local photo competition for the colours of autumn here in the Hawke’s Bay.  I have until the end of April to take some photos to hand in.  I am not sure how many photos are allowed.  They were rather vague.  So I will need to narrow it down I would imagine.

So I am asking for some imput here.  Which are your favourites and why?

Check out Nancy’s challenge here.


And Debbie’s here.


Thanks for visiting.

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