Mandarin Orange Monday: 88


It has been a while since I have done this challenge.  I like it because I get to explore the different filters.  I was thinking yesterday that I am not really adventurous enough with my editing.  I tend to stick to the same filters.  With this challenge I am determined now to go into uncharted territory and really go outside my comfort zone.  It may not always be successful but at least I will give it a go.

This photo was again taken at the home improvement store – see my Oddball photo this week.  An orange baugainvillia.

So I am orange to start with.

IMG_3443 ink outlines

Then I added ink outlines to emphasise the lines in the leaves.

IMG_3443 ink outlines + pastel

Then I went for the pastel strokes.

IMG_3443 ink outlines + pastel _ gradient orange

Then I added the orange gradient.

Final Image

Finally for my final image I tweaked at the shadows and highlights.

For more information on this challenge check out Lori’s post here

Thanks for visiting.

Final watermark for blog

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