Phoneography Challenge: Nature


Good morning from a rather soggy Hastings.

This challenge by Sally is nature this week.  I found these rather interesting leaves at the home improvement store I visited last week with my parents.  Actually left to my own devices I would have spent hours there.  The types of plants were amazing.

IMG_3440 + dry brush

I added a dry brush with Photoshop.

IMG_3440 + poster edges

And then poster edges for some more definition.

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These were taken with my IPhone 5S.

Thanks for visiting.


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14 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Nature”

  1. aloha Raewyn. these leaves are intriguing—they definitely catch my eye. the composition adds a lot to that. it is both abstract, making great use of the black/dark negative areas as strong and related shapes, and yet clear and recognizable as leaves too. that’s a great combination (imo). fun. aloha.


  2. Beautiful. These are fake leaves? I don’t feel as if the dry brusg effect added much. But the poster edges really maked the leaves pop!


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