Look Up, Look Down. Week 34, Floral Friday


Good morning from a very wet and soggy Hastings.

It was an eventful day yesterday.  Again we had a break in the weather so I headed out for a walk.  I knew that I had forgotten to charge the battery on my camera but had a fully charged iPhone 5S.  But the rain came back sooner than I expected as well as the battery didn’t last as long as I expected.  In any case the lens on the phone is a lot smaller and was actually better than the bigger camera in the rain.  I was really impressed with this photo looking up at this cannas flower covered in droplets.  I got home rather bedraggled and wet.  All in the name of photography.

Then in the afternoon we had a major power cut lasting well over 2 hours.  It affected the whole of the Hawke’s Bay province.  We had a bad thunderstorm and 2 lightening bolts hit a substation cutting out our power.  It is interesting to see how people coped with no power.  It is something that is so entrenched in our lives that we don’t think about it until we lose it.  Shops were closed as the tills and EFTPOS was down and there was panic buying in a supermarket for nappies (diapers), potato chips and water – of all things – along with candles.  It was still warm, and it was in daylight so I wasn’t worried.  All we did was get out our candles and matches.  My children were lost without the Internet.  Even that was down even on the cellular networks.  Now Hubby is watching Doomsday Preppers to be more prepared.  Me? I just take things as they come.

Anyway here is my entry for two challenges – one from Debbie at Travel with Intent – this photo is looking up through the cannas.  While I can also put this towards the Floral Friday challenge.

Here is Debbie’s post to check up on this challenge.

Chilly Day in Scheveningen

And Cee’s wonderful tulips.

Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 34

Plus Woolly Muses Floral Friday post.




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15 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down. Week 34, Floral Friday”

  1. I love your wet flower photo and your story about the panic buying the supermarket. What a hoot to witness something like that.


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