Mandarin Orange Monday: 89


Yesterday I spent some time on the computer just playing around with my blog – as you can see I have updated it hopefully to make my photos stand out a bit more.

Plus I set up a website to sell my photos as prints, greeting cards and cell phone covers which can be found here

Anyway I spent some time playing around with Photoshop filters for this challenge.

So this is the first photo


I added the fresco filter

Fresco 1

Then the water paper filter

water paper

Then the accented edges filter

accented edges 5

Finally the orange gradient map filter

gradiant map

Then here is the second photo.


First I used the poster edges

Poster edges

Then a diffuse glow

Diffuse glow 2

Then the water paper

Water paper 3

Then I solorized it.

solarized 4

Finally the orange gradient map

orange gradient

I played around with this image quite a bit, actually I really didn’t know what I did but managed to get several layers together on this.

DSCF5645 gradient to repeat

When I merged them together I played around a lot Β with a few layers.

final image

The top left I used several layers to give a three dimensional feel or a feel of movement.

It was fun to see what I could do.

Check out Lorik’s awesome works of art here

Thanks for visiting

Final watermark for blog

16 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday: 89”

    1. Yes it is great. I have already had a few views which is nice. I love the fact that it is already laid out and you just add your works of art to it. Love your work on your website. Especially Harry Potter. πŸ˜€


      1. Thanks Raewyn, I love Harry P too. I imagine it’ll take time to build up. They say to interact with members, Unfortunately I can’t keep up with WordPress & FB properly, never mind another lot of social media! I just think it’s got to be worth a try at least, it does bug me that I can’t find something as great in the uk though. It would be too expensive to ship here. If you hear of anything please let me know hun πŸ™‚


      2. We don’t have anything here in New Zealand either. But it is international and opens up the possibilities world wide. Time will tell. I love your work. πŸ˜€


  1. I enjoyed looking at the progression and the final orange results. They are great! Thanks for sharing with MoM 89.
    And congrats on getting your other site up…i have mine reading to start for almost a is almost time to pay again..and it has nothing….you may inspire me to get it going:)!!


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