A Word in your Ear: Water, Travel Theme: Glow


Good morning from a beautiful sunny Sunday.

Today I have stepped away from my comfort zone and combined these two challenges.

I went through my photos for the water challenge – not a problem as I had lots and lots of photos of water.  But nothing apart from the usual sunrises and sunsets for glow.  I wanted something different and then I found this photo of a heavy dew that was glistening or glowing in the sun.  So I played around with the editing to give it a more surreal glow to it.

Here are some other great blogs for both challenges.

Travel theme: Glow



Travel theme: Glow








Thanks for visiting.

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11 thoughts on “A Word in your Ear: Water, Travel Theme: Glow”

  1. Raewyn, thanks for listing me in your posts that you like. I should start doing that, too, but I’m always afraid I’ll leave someone off and they’ll get upset. I like the processing you’ve done on this. It doesn’t look like a photo at all. Was it a shade of some kind?


    1. You are welcome. I just do the posts I see in my reader. It was just outside our door. We have a little porch and my husband had placed boards down from the roof to protect the door from the rain. I have been trying for a while to get some good photos of these drops. I just caught them in the sun this day. 😀


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