A Word a Week: Orange – Autumn Colours

Autumn colours 7

Good morning from a wet and grey Hastings.

I had this post all planned last night and then this morning I read my emails and found that this weeks Word a Week challenge is orange.  So now I can use these photos in this challenge.


Sue showed the most amazing sunrise.

Today here in New Zealand it is the official start of winter.  So yesterday I made the most of the sunny and warm weather and headed out to take some photos of the autumn colours.  So I think all the shades of orange have come out.

Autumn colours 1

The first place I went to was Oak Avenue.  This is a short avenue lined with oak trees that were planted in 1874.  I found it hard driving up this road as it was breathtaking.

Autumn colours 2

Then on both sides of the avenue there are orchards which are just glorious at the moment.  I had to go when the sun was up at a certain angle to really get the depth of colour.  The farmers have sent their sheep in to keep the grass down among the trees.  This group took off as soon as I started to head towards them.

Autumn colours 6

Then it was off to Pakowhai Park.  The colours were breathtaking.  There was no wind and the stream was like a mirror.

Autumn colours 5

Autumn colours 4

Autumn colours 3

Autumn colours 10

Autumn colours 9

Autumn colours 8

Here is another great post for this challenge by Nowathome.


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Birdlife at Pakowhai Park


Good evening from a cool Saturday night in Hastings.

After a cold start the weather turned out rather warm and so to get a bit of photo therapy I headed out to find some autumn colours which I will show tomorrow.

I also found some bird life while I was out.  There were lots of fantails flying around enjoying the warm sunshine.  The only thing was that there were dogs running around so that just as I was focusing on the fantails a dog would start barking and the bird would fly off.  This was the best shot.



Then there were the usual sparrows.


stilt 2

stilt 1I found these stilts walking not far from the motorway. I really struggled with the zoom with these, trying to get the right depth of field.  These were the best of my photos and I had to heavily crop them as well.


Finally a feather to finish of this post.

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The Daily Post: Split Second Story


Good morning from a cool but dry Hastings.


The prompt this morning is telling a split second story.  Last month while I was walking through Cornwall Park I noticed some people doing Tai Chi in the park.  What a place to do it.  So peaceful and serene.


There were people of all ages.

It has been hard trying to find a decent photo editor for my photos that are free.  I found a great free one Photoscape which is also available for Macs as well.

An update on how I am doing.  I have finally got some financial assistance after having a meltdown yesterday.  I think I am doing well but then I find things just get on top of me and I just go all weepy.  I am happy that I am out of my bad marriage but it is not easy being on my own again.

Today it is sunny so I told my daughter that we should go out on  a photo shoot just to be more positive.  Taking photos always makes me feel better.

I have gone to Givealittle.co.nz


 to see if I could get some help with paying my credit card bill.  I can’t expect any settlement from my ex for some while.  He found out about the credit card and I could tell from the tone of his voice that he is incredibly angry.  It is his fault.  I have to live.  I hope I can get something to at least pay some of the bill and to replace my computer.

My lawyer has contacted his lawyer and asked for evaluations of his cars which will not go down well.

Will keep everyone posted.

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A photo a Week Challenge: Into the Woods


Ok, I know that this isn’t really into the woods but since my computer has been kidnapped and held to ransom I don’t have a lot of photos to use.

This was taken yesterday morning on the way home from picking my son up from his bible class.  I knew as I was leaving home to pick him up that it was going to be something special. I promised to make his breakfast if he was patient enough to wait for me to take some photos by Cornwall Park.  So yes there are trees so I hope that is enough for this challenge.

Here is Nancy’s blog to find out more about this challenge:


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water


Good morning from another cold and chilly Hastings.

I have been seeing some really great photos for this challenge.  Due to this mega slow computer I won’t be doing too many pingbacks.

I took this photo about a month ago. We had such a warm sunny day and I loved the idea of the fun this kid was having in the fountain chaat Cornwall Park.  So really this is a play on the fun foto name of this great challenge. I used the polaroid snap look and lomoized it to give it a nostalgic look to the photo.

Here is Cee’s blog to check out her challenge:


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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: A Friendly Fantail. Week 38


Good morning from a very cold and frosty morning.  I checked the phone this morning and it was -1 degrees when I got up.

I still haven’t got my Mac back so have to make do with this dinosaur of a laptop and Picasa 3.  I have decided not to let the ex get the better of me and continue with my blog.  Hard as it is with this computer.

The first day in our new home I was looking out the window and saw this fantail enjoying the sun.  All last spring I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get some decent photos of our native fantails.  They are very flighty – excuse the pun but they were sooo hard to take photos with a very slow camera.  So it was rather ironic that one just happened to be sitting on the fence.  A good sign I hope.

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge ~ Wk 38

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