The Daily Post: Spring


Good morning from a rather cold and chilly Hastings morning.

The prompt from The Daily Post today is spring. Well here in the southern hemisphere we are well into autumn and driving around yesterday I noticed the lovely autumn colours of the trees now losing their leaves.

So for this post it was a matter of diving into my archives for some photos taken last spring.


So for the first two photos I have gone for a New Zealand theme. ย We always know when spring has arrived and the native bush goes gold with these golden flowers. ย They are a very sweet flower and very popular with all the birdlife.


Then there are the usual blossoms.



Spring 4

And I can’t forget the daffodils.

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Final watermark for blog

13 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Spring”

  1. Beautiful, Raewyn. The first times I came to your blog I thought you were from Hastings, England. Did you change your blog theme or am I just losing what’s left of my mind after my tussles with WP yesterday? It looks good, no matter whether you did or not.



  2. I am in love with the flowers that attract the birds, bees and butterflies. When we move to Idaho permanently, my garden will have scads… I really love that yellow flower.


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