The Daily Post: Split Second Story


Good morning from a cool but dry Hastings.

The prompt this morning is telling a split second story.  Last month while I was walking through Cornwall Park I noticed some people doing Tai Chi in the park.  What a place to do it.  So peaceful and serene.


There were people of all ages.

It has been hard trying to find a decent photo editor for my photos that are free.  I found a great free one Photoscape which is also available for Macs as well.

An update on how I am doing.  I have finally got some financial assistance after having a meltdown yesterday.  I think I am doing well but then I find things just get on top of me and I just go all weepy.  I am happy that I am out of my bad marriage but it is not easy being on my own again.

Today it is sunny so I told my daughter that we should go out on  a photo shoot just to be more positive.  Taking photos always makes me feel better.

I have gone to

 to see if I could get some help with paying my credit card bill.  I can’t expect any settlement from my ex for some while.  He found out about the credit card and I could tell from the tone of his voice that he is incredibly angry.  It is his fault.  I have to live.  I hope I can get something to at least pay some of the bill and to replace my computer.

My lawyer has contacted his lawyer and asked for evaluations of his cars which will not go down well.

Will keep everyone posted.

Thanks for visiting and all your support.

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