Phoneography: Macro

IMG_4013 (489x640)

Good morning from a grey Hastings morning.

This being the second week of June it means for Sally’s challenge it is macro.

I must say I have been impressed with the IPhone 5S camera.  The macro function is great – in some ways better than my Fujifilm.  I don’t have such a problem with sharpness.

These photos were taken last April.

IMG_3988 (487x640)

IMG_3885 (489x640)

Normally I would have edited these on the phone but this time I just did minimal editing with Photoscape.

Thank you for visiting.


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15 thoughts on “Phoneography: Macro”

  1. The first is unbelievable! Really an iPhone 5s? I’m trying to hold out for a 6.
    I love my Fugifilm camera but I don’t like caring it around.
    Yea! Apple
    Happy Monday


    1. Yes they are taken with the IPhone 5S. I am really impressed with the camera on it.. A big step up from the 4S. My daughter has the 4 and hates the camera on it. The phone is always on me which means I always have a camera on me when I need it. My post for The Daily Post : Room was also taken with the IPhone. Thanks for visiting. 😀


  2. I’m not a great fan of flower shots. To me it’s sort of the still version of a romance movie. Better appreciated by women, though some men do like them, too. Having said that, I’m amazed that these are from an iPhone. I just bought the 5S and me and my wife both hate it. But I may now have to try macro photography with it. Your shots are great. And the lighting….


    1. Thanks for the great compliment. I really appreciate it. Just play with the phone. I always have it on me so am never short of a camera. I have been really impressed with this phone. I must say the light was perfect for the camera. Check out my post last Saturday – they were also taken with the phone as well. 😀


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