Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 40 – Feathered friends at the park

DSCF4120 (640x628)

Good morning from a very wet and battered Hastings.  We had some heavy rain last night with winds but nothing compared to Auckland. I have just watched the news and it was very bad there overnight, with power lines knocked down and trucks knocked over. I am thinking of you guys up there.

Today I thought I would show some of my feathered friends at Cornwall Park.

First up is our native fantail.  I am getting very frustrated with my camera which doesn’t want to focus,  especially on maximum zoom.  This was the best photo of them all with heavy cropping.

DSCF3779 (640x491)

There are plenty of sparrows.

DSCF3758 (640x491)

And blackbirds.

DSCF4039 (640x491)

And of course ducks.

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