Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 42 – Splish, splash I was taking a bath.

DSCF4058 (640x470)

Good morning from a warmer Hastings.  Yesterday never really warmed up until overnight – weird.

This week for Michelle’s Challenge it is time again to show some ducks enjoying the water at Cornwall Park.  It is a real challenge when the ducks are so active to get my photos in focus – my camera is super slow.  So these are the better ones this day.  What I do love is the colours in the water.  The autumn tones really show through.

DSCF4062 (640x470)

You can see how slow it is.  If I increased the shutter speed it would be woefully underexposed but then again it shows some action –  I suppose.

DSCF4041 (640x470)

DSCF4035 (640x470)

I have studied the ducks a bit just to get to know their habits.  So when a duck starts to bob up and under the water and splashing the water over their backs before rising up out of the water to stretch their wings.  I have lost count of the duds I shot out of focus.



Puss In…Shoes?

Final watermark for blog

22 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 42 – Splish, splash I was taking a bath.”

      1. 🙂 ah the joy of digital. Delete the duds rather than have to pay to have them printed in order to discover that fact. I’m heartened; I’ll persevere and try and improve my dud to acceptable ratio (and frankly one good shot would do that). How are you this week? I hope things are moving in a good direction. I have an Auckland friend going in a similar situation and am heartened when she has more good days than bad. xx


      2. I am doing much better. As long as he stays away. If not I will get a protection order. His first wife is now behind me as well. She knows what he is like too. Makes me feel a lot better. One day at a time.Thank you for caring. 😀


      3. You’re welcome. And I’m glad support is coming from others who know him. Such affirmations of your belief in the rightness of what you are doing can help – especially in the wee small, sleepless hours. 🙂


      4. Thanks. I am actually sleeping better – he had sleep apnoea and slept in a separate room with a heavy steel rod beside him. He would have night terrors and imagine someone was outside. I lived in fair that he would actually attack one of us. He did dislocate my shoulder one night in an attack. So yes my nights are easier. 😀


      5. That’s great. As a sometime insomniac visited by uncertainty demons in the night, I understand the power of restful sleep.


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