A Rosy Sunrise at Cornwall Park

DSCF4836 (640x473)

Good morning from a cool Hastings morning.

No challenges today.  Instead here are some photos taken last week at Cornwall Park.  These were taken last Wednesday.  When I picked up my son from his bible class I could see that the light was going to be amazing so I brought him home and picked up my camera and headed down to Cornwall Park.  I wasn’t disappointed and it was an amazing sunrise.

I was disappointed though when I got home and uploaded my photos and found that 90% of them were out of focus.  Of that maybe  5 or 6 were due to camera shake.  I am reliant on the auto focus due to my arm still playing up so I was gutted to find that the autofocus is not up to scratch.  Even the better photos had to have the sharpness tweaked.

So if anyone has any advice I would love to hear from you.

DSCF4913 (640x473)

DSCF4858 (640x473)

DSCF4802 (493x640)

DSCF4867 (493x640)

DSCF4845 (493x640)

DSCF4891 (640x473)

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