Cee’s Oddball Challenge:Week 28

Friendly garden worms

Good morning from a very sunny Hastings.

I love this challenge by Cee as it is anything goes.

My mother was always a great gardener.  My memories of her as a child was her up at the crack of dawn working in either her veggie garden or flower garden.  We never bought any vegetables at all.  Her garden was the size of a house.  The only thing it was mainly dwarf beans which I can’t even eat now.  But everything was organic and healthy. She always had a showy flower garden.

Anyway due to her Alzheimer’s she has now stopped working in her garden and for the first time ever my father has organised someone to come in and work in her garden.  There are times she doesn’t recognise what are weeds and what aren’t.

But she has some lovely little ornaments around her flowers.  I found these cute worms among all her flower pots at the front door. These photos will always remind me of her and her gardens.

Thanks for visiting and here is Cee’s challenge to check out and a couple of other great photos.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 28