One Year Blogging – My children

hastings 032 (501x640)

Good afternoon from a grey Hastings day.

Well I have just seen the little cup to tell me I have been blogging for a year now.  It has been an interesting year to say the least.

But I am looking forward to learning more about photography from my blogging friends and to see more amazing photos from everyone.

This photo was in my post from yesterday.  Thank you for all the lovely comments about my beautiful daughter Ruth.  She was highly embarrassed about it and commented on my post about it.  Lady Sighs then asks for an updated photo of her. So here is my gorgeous daughter aged 18.  Taken last year just before her graduation dinner.

Ruth and Martin copy1 (625x622)

Her brother thought it was funny and we had a small conversation on Twitter so I told him I would show him as well.

Martin scouts 008 copy copy copy (480x640)

So here is Martin aged 10.  This photo I took for his scouting badge.  He had made all these wooden toys with his grandfather on the scroll saw (fret saw).

Image (36) copy (431x640)

This is his school photo from 2012.  I just scanned the photo into the computer and edited it a little. He hates the camera and tends to disappear when I have a camera in my hand.

(Photo courtesy of Apex Photographic)

So now Ruth will be having the last laugh.

On a more serious note.  If anyone has any ideas about accessing my photos on my Time Capsule from Windows I would be truly grateful.  It is driving me nuts  not being able to access them.

Thanks for visiting.


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