A Photo a Week: Nature’s Music

Nature's Music - Tui

This week the prompt from Nancy is music.  I don’t have photos of human musicians but found this photo of our native Tui that I took on Wednesday.

I love going into the park and just listen to the music of the birds.  It is spring now and the birds are especially loud as they carry out their courtships.  Tuis are the loudest of all.  They swoop around in pairs and stop to feast on the golden kowhai trees which are particularly sweet flowers.  I actually just stood at one point with my eyes closed just to listen to the beautiful music.  It is very restful and calming on the soul.

You can check out this challenge at Nancy’s blog.


Edited with Perfect Affects 8 and Photoscape.

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11 thoughts on “A Photo a Week: Nature’s Music”

  1. Such a great shot and post Raewyn and you’re right. Your birds looks a lot like the Red Star-winged birds we have here. Adorable! I can sit for hours watching them eat the red blossoms in our neighbours tree and to all the chatter. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Luckily we are not the only ones and I am not even embarrassed anymore. It taught me to laugh at myself more. LOL!


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