Travel Theme: Strong

Strong bench

Good morning from a beautiful but chilly sunny morning here in Hastings.

So yesterday we had our elections.  The results rather surprised me.  John key, our prime minister stood strong and won a larger majority than we expected.  There were some big losers which goes to show that New Zealanders are not really interested in personal grievances, but in the actual politics of the next 3 years.

My daughter was able to vote for the first time and made me laugh when we came out as she said that she was now an adult.

Anyway the travel theme this week is strong.  I found this strong concrete bench in the Chinese Garden at Cornwall Park.

Strong details

Here I have showed some of the detail of the strong feet holding up the heavy concrete bench.

This theme can also be for my post yesterday of the spider web – they are strong and so endurable.

Taken with my IPhone 5S and edited with Snapseed and Distressed FX.

To find out more about this challenge check out Ailsa’s blog:

Travel theme: Strong

Travel theme: Strong

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