The Daily Post: Signs of Spring

Sign of Spring

Good morning from another sunny spring day in Hastings.  The spring equinox winds are in full force which is another sign of the change of the seasons.

Why am I talking about signs of spring? The Daily Post prompt this morning is for signs.

Another sign is the coming of the spring bulbs and of course the most important insect on earth – the humble bee.

Signs of Spring 1

There are so many great signs out there – check out these awesome posts for some really different signs from around the world.


WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Sign of the Times

It’s Just Another Sign Of The Times…

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13 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Signs of Spring”

      1. Thank you, Honey. I have more coming. I may even get to Niagara Falls next week. HORRAY! I have only waited um like what? Almost 2 months? Good thing my cats taught me patience. (smile) Love, Amy


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