Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Birds chorus in the sunset.

Birds in a tree 1 (640x477)

A bird theme today.  Last night was such an amazing sunset.  And the birds were out in full force.  If you look closely at this top photo you will see a lot of birds which I just managed to catch before a car drove by and disturbed them.  They were very loud and added to the  ambiance of the awesome sunset.

Birds in a tree 2 (497x640)


They have been really noisy anyway, being spring.



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A Word a Week: Fly

Flying 4 (640x477)

Good morning from another lovely Hastings spring morning.  Yesterday was so warm, it was the first time I have worn short sleeves and a skirt.  Normally I am a pants and sweater person.  So it was so warm that I was able to change.  It is so nice not to have so many layers on.  Sorry for those in the northern hemisphere.

This week Sue’s theme is fly.  So I have chosen these seagulls flying in for some food.

Flying 5 (640x477)

Flying 2 (640x477)

Flying 1 (640x477)

Flying 3 (640x477)

These were taken at Ahiriri, Napier.





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