The Daily Post: Refraction

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The prompt from the Daily Post this morning was for refraction.  I love reflections and how the reflections are refracted and never the same.  So for me, it was a matter of which photos to choose.

DSCF7835 2 (640x475)

I have a lot of abstract photos like this one.

DSCF7346 (497x640)

As well as a lot of duck photos at Cornwall Park.

Somebody, Somewhere Sent Me A Rainbow…

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

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A Photo a Week: Twins

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Good morning from another grey Hastings morning. This last week we have had some grey mornings but the clouds were gone by mid morning giving us lovely warm afternoons.  I don’t think that is going to happen so here is a cheerful photo to start the day of.

Nancy has come up with the prompt of twins. I am one of twins.  We are or were identical in looks.  I have photos of us as babies and you wouldn’t know the difference.  No we didn’t play tricks on our teachers as we were generally in the same class.  We did have this ESP going on – I had a toothache but she had the hole in her tooth.  I wasn’t impressed with that at all.  That seems to have faded as we have got older and have gone our separate ways.  We are both creative, though in different ways – we both love colour.

DSCF9860 (640x477)

A Photo A Week Challenge: Twins

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