The Daily Post: Cover Art- Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey (640x484)

Good morning from a cold but very sunny Hastings day.

Before I start on my post I wish to categorically state that I have never read this book, nor do I intend to or see the movie.  I just loved this image in grey tones and that title just popped into my head.

Anyway the prompt from the Daily Post is cover art.

The challenge is get our creative juices going to create an image as a cover for a book, song or movie.

I love reflections and this one was awesome in colour but then I converted this using the grey tone filter in Windows Live Gallery.  I love that it has that ripple affect in the top left hand corner and that the tree is twisted in the reflections.  I will leave that up to you to interpret the image as you will.


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Thanks for visiting.  I most apologise for being so late to respond to your comments.  I know how annoying it is to get a thanks for a post long forgotten.  I will endeavour to be a more prompt. Catch up with you all later.


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